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Expungement: Clearing Your Record Of Criminal Convictions

Having a criminal conviction on your record can affect job prospects, college admissions and even the ability to rent a house or apartment. Instead of living with unnecessary difficulties after paying your debt to society, fight to clear your name and record.

An expungement is a process of asking a judge to seal your record and clear it of the information surrounding your conviction. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can pursue this second chance.

At Action Defense Law, APLC, I help clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County pursue the outcome they deserve in their criminal defense needs. I am expungement attorney Action Lavitch. I help people with criminal records clear their names.

What To Know About An Expungement

Before pursuing an expungement, it is important to know who is eligible for one. First, certain crimes involving serious sex offenses, like child pornography offenses, do not qualify for expungement. Next, to be eligible for an expungement, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You have completed your sentence
  • You do not have any pending charges against you
  • You have paid any court fines

If you qualify for expungement, I can guide you through the process, including completing the necessary forms, filing for expungement and preparing for the hearing. If the court denies your petition, I can also help you refile your petition to try again after the six-month waiting period.

Do Not Wait To Start The Next Chapter In Your Life

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