I am a criminal defense lawyer who proudly serves clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Gun Charges And Firearms Charges Defense Attorney

While every American has the right to bear arms, that right is not permanent. A conviction for California gun charges can cost you that right, as well as other freedoms. With so much on the line with gun charges, it is important to do everything possible to defend yourself.

I am gun charges and firearms charges defense attorney Action Lavitch. At my office of Action Defense Law, APLC, I offer my clients years of experience as a former public defender to help them develop a personalized strategy to pursue the outcome they deserve.

How I Defend My Clients

A conviction on gun charges can result in thousands of dollars in fines, prison or jail time, or the loss of your right to own a firearm. To protect my clients against these kinds of consequences, I take the time to review the unique details in their cases and develop a personalized strategy that can pursue defenses such as:

  • Proving a false accusation
  • Police errors such as an illegal search
  • The firearm was not yours
  • Momentary possession to dispose of the weapon
  • The possession was justified, such as to remove it from someone attempting a crime

I never make assumptions in my work, and I never accept a plea deal that is less than you deserve. Instead of taking the risk of representing yourself while hoping things work out on their own, let me act as your legal representation in your criminal case.

Now Is The Time For Action

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