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Are You Facing Charges For A Vehicle Crime?

When you are facing any kind of vehicle crime charge, the consequences can impact your life for years to come. Whether you are facing charges for reckless driving by endangering others while behind the wheel or distracted driving charges for attempting to drive while on your cellphone, do not make the mistake of representing yourself and hoping for light sentencing.

My name is Action Lavitch. I am a Los Angeles and Orange County vehicle crimes defense attorney who knows what is at stake in these cases. I take the time to review any case I get, look for holes or mistakes that could benefit you, and develop a personalized strategy to help you earn the outcome you deserve.

Representation Against Any Charges

“Vehicle crimes” is an umbrella term that pertains to a wide variety of charges. For example, a speeding ticket can escalate into reckless driving or street racing charges if you were going too fast, and even become a felony if you injured someone.

California uses a point system to determine the consequences of driving charges. Depending on the severity of your actions, you can receive one or two points on your record, which can result in a license suspension if you accrue:

  • Four points within one year
  • Six points within two years
  • Eight points within three years

You can receive charges for theft of a vehicle if you: took a car someone else owned without permission; the vehicle was with more than $950; you relocated the car; and kept it for a period of time.

Do Not Take Chances With Your License And Future

A conviction for reckless driving months or years ago could mean the charges you are facing now will cost you your license. Whether you are facing your first vehicle crimes charges or not, make sure you have a lawyer you can trust to defend you. Call my office at 213-723-1556 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.